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Move With Me

It’s time to live your passion and dance to the music that makes you want to move. My mission is to educate dance enthusiasts of all skill levels and introduce them to new techniques and challenges. Are you ready to have some fun?


Vision. Drive. Passion.

As a professional dancer, I can’t think of anything else that brings me more joy than the art of dance. I love working with students of all ages and backgrounds, and feel fortunate to see how they grow and develop in their skills. I’m so excited to share my technique and style with you, so if you're interested in joining one of my various workshops or classes, contact me today.



Dance Classes for Everyone


Zumba Fitness is a combination of dance and fitness moves done to a background of exhilarating international rhythms. 

I encourage you to explore new movement styles and rhythms, all while enjoying an inspiring, judgment-free environment. Whether you're looking to get your workout on or learn new moves—this is the place to be.

Vixen Workout is a dance fitness class focused on improving the physical & mental wellness of women. My classes recreate the live stage experience by incorporating trending choreography, musical remixes, and atmosphere lighting. As a result, participants are able to feel like performers. The class experience promotes mind-body connection, emocional release, and community in addition to physical fitness. Get started — join a class today.


Get in touch to find the perfect class for you today.


Amazing place at Latin Vibez. Karen is an amazing instructor always making sure her students feel comfortable. Love this place the energy and the ladies are awesome! 
En Latin Vibez te sientes de lo mejor! Karen es una hermosa persona que siempre esta al pendiente de sus estudiantes. La energía positiva que radia te hace sentir bien y con ganas de regresar a su clase.

Virginia Martinez


I love, love love your sessions. Energy is off the chain! I also feel super excited to come to your class. The atmosphere is always ready for a zumba party.

Belinda Alvarado


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“It doesnt matter how you move as long as you are being YOU.


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